Altera: Attendance App

Type: App Design

Role(s): UI/UX Designer

Tools: Axure RP 10, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

01 Background

Atlera is an attendance and assignment application meant to help college professors track attendance, post grades and assignments, interact with students, and manage classes. 

Because some colleges don’t track attendance, Atlera targets niche colleges that incorporate attendance tracking and smaller class admission. A good example of this is the Pennsylvania College of Art + Design. The college surrounds itself in the arts and typically admits smaller class-sizes throughtout the semester. This allows professors to pursue personalized learning opportunities and track attendance.


Project Brief

Create an attendance & assignment app for college professors.

Target Audience

College Professors

02 Define

Starting off, I created some user profiles based on the target audience. These activities were meant to help create empathy and help keep focus on the target audiences user needs and pain points.

    Name: Professor Eric Burch

    Age: 46 years old

    Teaches: Criminal Justice at Temple University

    Professional Traits: Works as a crime analyst, been in practice for over 20 years, hopes to teach and inspire his students, very organized and efficient – makes sure to upload assignments and reply back to students emails in a timely fashion, demeanor is serious but kind

    Personal: Eric has a wife and 2 young kids. He works as a crime analyst. When he’s not working or being a dad, he teaches improv classes on the side. He has a huge passion for theatre and hopes to retire one day and write screen plays about his experiences in the field.

    Name: Professor Emilia Locketch

    Age: 41 years old

    Teaches: Gender and Sexuality Studies – Loyola University Maryland

    Professional Traits: Works for a non-profit that creates a safe space for teens and young adults dealing with home care and mental illness needs. She hopes to help and encourage the youth to be who they are and follow their dreams. She’s not great with technology and takes a while to get the hang of new applications and systems. Sometimes she forgets to upload assignments and projects and it helps for her to have an easy to use system that can help her do it fast and efficiently.

    Personal: Outside of her job and classes, she loves to spend time with her mother and kids. She also goes hiking during the weekends and hosts meditation classes with close friends.

    03 Empathize

    From the user profiles, I determined these project objectives:

    User Needs

    • The user needs to manage and organize classes
    • The user needs to find and upload assignments
    • The user needs to post students grades
    • The user needs to post announcements and updates for their students

    Problem Statements

    • Professors need to manage and organize classes because professors may teach multiple classes or lead busy lives
    • Professors need to find and upload assignments because professors want students to clearly find what they’re looking for
    • Professors need to upload grades because they need to keep track of the classes progress
    • Professors need to post announcements and updates to their students because professors may need to cancel or re-schedule a class

    How Might We

    • How Might We create UI that professors can use swiftly and with proficiency
    • How Might We create UI that helps professors and students easily find and manage assignments and projects
    • How Might We lay information out so that’s it’s easy to scan and review
    • How Might We let professors interact with all of their students swiftly and easily

    04 Wireframes

    After gathering all of the user needs and requirements, wireframes were created to reflect the research above.

    06 Final Prototypes

    After adjustments were made the wireframes, I created pixel-perfect mockups and an interactive prototype designed in Adobe XD.

    Along with the prototype, I also spend time designing the branding and graphical elements seen in the prototype.


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