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Vitamin Water Ad Thumbnail


This is a class project I did for my Advertising & Copywriting class. I had to find an existing company and create a print advertisement with a headline and body copy.

My initial stages started off with sketches, word banks, audience profiles, and campaign briefs. I wanted the target audience to be the college crowd, athletic, and initially using Vitamin Water for their strengths and successes. Next I went ahead and constructed the imagery using stock photography for the background and personally photographing the bottle and dumbbells, photo manipulating the composition to compliment the layout of my body copy. This print is meant to be bold, youthful, and stand out from most content that’s displayed throughout print magazines.

Vitamin Water Ad Sketches Process

Initial sketches- body copy was pretty much established at the beginning stages, but the imagery was still questioned with several sketches ranging from different directions to connect with the target audience

Vitamin Water Final Ad

Final design execution for magazine ad