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Safari Ear Buds Packaging Thumbnail


For my packaging class, I created a fictitious ear bud brand called safari. I wanted to create a set of performance ear buds that looked high-end and can compete with the competition. To bring an extra dynamic to the brand, 20% of proceeded are donated to the Wildlife Conservation Fund (WCF) to aid with preservation efforts.

In the beginning, I developed a simple sketch with the idea of having bold and strong wildlife animals to represent different types of safari ear buds. In my research, I looked at a lot of commercial stock imagery and went through various comps to match the right animals with the right products. Once selected, I came up with all the copywriting materials including the product names, conservation information, product features, etc. In Adobe Illustrator, I also rendered my earbuds so the customer can get a visual of what they’re purchasing.

I worked to create a brand that is sleek, refined, and stands apart from the competition within a store shelf.

Safari Earbuds Logo

safari. final logo

Safari Lion Classico Earbud Vector Illustration
Safari Earbud Lion Classico Front of Packaging
Safari Earbud Lion Classico Back of Packaging

SAFARI’S LION CLASSICO- Over the ear bluetooth headphones with a microphone and wireless remote. Packaging includes a durable armband for on the go activity.

Safari Earbuds Zeb Earbud Illustration

SAFARI’S ZEB 1.0- Bluetooth necklace that are noise cancelling, highly comfortable, and durable. Great for athletes and people on the go.

Safari Earbuds Packaging Elephant Front
Safari Earbuds Packaging Elephant Back

SAFARI’S ELE CRANK C-1- These ear buds give you unlimited control on how and when you listen to your music. The “crank” feature is meant to block out noise with the turn of a dial. This gives customers more options as to what outside noises they hear and how you can control them. Features include bluetooth capabilities.

Safari Earbuds Klip Kong Front
Safari Earbuds Klip Kong Back

SAFARI’S KLIP KONG- These earbuds fit perfectly by molding to the contours of your ears. They also lock out excessive noise and allows for a clearer sound quality than standard earbuds. Features include bluetooth capabilities.